He’s been Europe’s version of the outspoken Ted Cruz for some time now. Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Independence Party may be the most disliked member of the European Parliment. But he plows ahead, ignorning  the open sneers and insults by his fellow members of the EU Parliment.  

“In what must count as perhaps the worst piece of public policy seen in modern Europe for half a century. When you compound it with an already failing and flawed EU common asylum policy, by saying to the whole world, ‘Please come to Europe.’ and we saw frankly, virtually a stampede, and we learned that 80% of those that are coming are not Syrian refugees. In fact, what you’ve done is opened the door to young, male, economic migrants, many of whom I have to say behave quite in a rather an aggressive manner, quite the opposite of what you would expect to see of any refugee. And yet when that failure is met by objections from countries like Hungary, their opinions are crushed.  This isn’t a Europe of peace, it’s a Europe of division, it’s a Europe of disharmony, it’s a Europe that’s a recipe for resentment. And yet, faced with all this failure, both of you said the same thing today. You said, ‘Europe isn’t working…so let’s have some more Europe, more of the same failing.’ Well there is I think, a bright star on the horizon. It’s called the British referendum. And given that none of you want to concede Britain the ability to take back control of her own borders, a ‘Brexit’ now, looks more likely than at any other time.” 

We could use about 100 Nigel Farage’s in our U.S. Congress….


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