Film and TV star Anne Heche suffered severe burns and was rushed to a hospital after a fiery LA car crash

The Emmy Award-winning actress, Anne Heche (53,) was rushed to a hospital Friday afternoon after crashing her Mini Cooper first into the garage of an LA apartment complex, and second into a suburban home, where the vehicle became engulfed in flames.

Witnesses tried to help Heche out of her vehicle after the first collision. However, she drove off from the scene only to crash into the home, where her car would burst into flames.

There is speculation that Heche was driving while under the influence of alcohol due to the erratic driving alongside images of her in her car with a red-capped bottle in the cup holder.

Anne Heche in her vehicle with a bottle of what may be alcohol (highlighted) /TMZ

The “Another World” and “The Vanished” star, who may best be remembered for her 90’s relationship with Ellen DeGeneres, suffered severe burns and was rushed to the hospital after firefighters pulled her from the wreckage of her vehicle using a crane.

Anne Heche suffered severe burns after her car burst into flames

She has, in the past, spoken openly about her struggles with substance abuse.

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The crash into the second house occurred at 90 miles per hour, but thankfully no one was killed in the incident.

Heche’s other celebrity ex, Thomas Jane, says that the actress is expected to pull through and is in stable condition after being “intubated.”

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Whether she was under the influence or merely driving recklessly, it took 59 firefighters to extract her from the burning accident scene, and she very well could have killed herself or the homeowner. Driving 90mph down a suburban street and crashing into someone’s home is unacceptable behavior, even and especially for a movie star.

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