Leftists on social media went ballistic yesterday when the Starbucks policy about wearing Black Lives Matter garb was released (see below) to the public.

The coffee giant’s policy (see below) was to prohibit employees from wearing anything to do with Black Lives Matter.

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After outrage from the BLM supporters, Starbucks caved to the mob and will allow its employees to wear BLM  attire.

The company is also going one step further. They will make 250,000 shirts with a design that includes “Black Lives Matter” and “No Justice, No Peace” available (seen below).

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Buzzfeed first reported on the policy that set the BLM supporters on a mission to boycott Starbucks. The company just announced they are closing 400 stores in the US and 200 in Canada so the #BoycottStarbucks trend had to be frightening to the higher-ups in the company.

This isn’t the first time the company has caved to demands from the left. The policy of letting anyone camp out in their stores was in reaction to an incident last year. Now, the homeless can camp in the stores anytime without being removed.

Our report from yesterday when Starbucks prohibited employees from wearing BLM attire:

A Starbucks memo to employees leaked, and details of the memo have the leftists fighting mad.

The memo advised the employees not to wear Black Lives Matter garb.

Now the left is fighting mad and wants to boycott Starbucks. It’s ironic that the company that was so in bed with the left now sees the mob mentality and group-think that happens if you do anything remotely against the left’s wishes.

Starbucks had posted support for BLM on June 4th and then sent out the policy banning BLM attire:

The policy below:

While the left is going bonkers, one employee of Starbucks published the memo with a comment supporting their policy:

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