Starbucks gets political again…Ugh! Why don’t they just make coffee and zip it!
They’re asking customers to speak to someone of opposing political views and then they’ll give that person free coffee. Do you think people will do this?
I’m continuing my boycott…

Want a free cup of coffee? Starbucks has got you covered.

All you have to do is drink it while talking to someone you disagree with. That’s the premise behind the coffee behemoth’s collaboration with Harvard Business School startup ‘Hi from the Other Side’…

Here’s how it works: Users can sign up for the app via Facebook and are then paired with someone nearby who identifies with the opposing political party. Each user then receives half of the information necessary to unlock a Starbucks gift card. Then, once both participants meet up, they can work together to unlock the gift cards and receive a complimentary cup of java.

If you have more patience than money, though, you can find out more here.

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