The Washington Post reported that higher ups in the State Department jumped ship before Rex Tillerson could take the helm but we don’t know that was the case. Were the people who left asked to vacate their post or did they jump ship? WaPo was even called out by CNN for the misleading headline. 
One of the things that the main stream media doesn’t mention is that these officials were knee deep in the Benghazi Scandal and one of those (see below for more on Patrick Kennedy) was knee deep in the Clinton e-mail scandal too! It’s what the press doesn’t tell you that’s important. We just don’t know if this is a matter of these people resigning or a matter of our new president recognizing that we need to DRAIN THE SWAMP!

In what one congressman called the “flashing red light of potential criminality,” FBI documents indicate a senior State Department official offered a “quid pro quo” to get the FBI to remove the “Secret” label from one of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s emails from the days when she was secretary of state.

The documents say State Department Undersecretary for Management Patrick Kennedy, who had served as an aide and confidante to Clinton, offered the deal, and continued trying to influence the FBI’s decision by taking his case over the head of FBI agents to whom he initially proposed the deal.

FBI documents say Kennedy offered the FBI additional positions overseas if the “Secret” label, the middle level of classification, would be removed. Clinton, who used a private server for her emails while she was secretary of state, has contended she never sent or received classified information. The FBI has ruled otherwise.

In response to the FBI bombshell, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump released a video on Twitter in which he said the allegations show “corruption at the highest level.”
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