So much about this topic is shocking. New York wants to allow illegals to teach our children which is breaking federal law. The thing that’s shocking is that Obama held 12 illegals up as “Champions for Change” in that they are illegal aliens who’re teachers. Texas and Colorado have been letting illegals teach. Do we have any laws or rules anymore or is it just a free-for-all now? Do teachers who can’t find a job have a problem with an illegal taking their job?

New York education officials are defending a hotly debated plan to allow illegal immigrants to be certified as public school teachers.

Saying the district doesn’t want to “close the door on their dreams,” state Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia explained those eligible for the teaching certification came to America as children.

“They are American in every way but immigration status,” said Elia. “They’ve done everything right. They’ve worked hard in school, some have even served in the military, but when it’s time to apply for a license, they’re told, ‘Stop. That’s far enough.’”

The regents oversee 3.2 million students in 700 school districts as well as 7,000 libraries, 900 museums and 52 professions requiring more than 850,000 licensees. The controversial decision also enables the board to award licenses to illegal aliens in at total of 54 professions, including engineers, pharmacists and dentistry.

But the decision doesn’t sit well with many who believe the policy violates federal law and prevents lawful citizens from getting jobs they are qualified for.

“It is bad public policy,” said Hans von Spakovsky, senior legal fellow at the Washington D.C.-based Heritage Foundation, and a former U.S. Justice Department attorney. “It is a violation of federal immigration law.”

Under federal law, all employers are required to check that anyone they are hiring is either a citizen of the United States or a here legally who has permission to work, Spakovsky noted.

President Obama opened the door to the policy after he established the 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood program, which allows some illegal immigrants meeting specific criteria, including being in the U.S. since childhood, to stay in the country to pursue their education or work.

In July 2015 to promote the policy, The White House recognized nine illegal immigrants school teachers from around the country, calling them “Champions for Change” in a press release from administration.

School districts in other states, such as Texas and Colorado, allow undocumented immigrants to become licensed teachers.

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