Baltimore’s beautiful statue of Francis Scott Key was damaged by vandals…At this point, any statue is fair game.

The mayor of Baltimore says she has no plans to remove the city’s monument to Francis Scott Key, after the words “racist anthem” were sprayed this week on a statue of him. Key wrote what would become the national anthem 205 years ago while he was held captive on a British ship during the Battle of Baltimore in the War of 1812.

THIS IS A REACH: The people claiming the anthem is racist need to pick up a history book:
Some people think the anthem’s rarely sung third verse is racist because it refers to “hirelings” and “slaves”. This is in reference to mercenaries and soldiers enlaced to fight for the British.

there are numerous videos on Youtube describing he third verse as racist. It’s not in any way racist. Wouldn’t it be great if the left would read up on history!

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