This beautiful statue of Christopher Columbus was given to the city of Detroit in 1910 in honor of the Italians that live there. The jerks who vandalized this statue need to think of others besides themselves. It’s no surprise that the hate for anything American is big in the city that’s the home of the SOCIAL JUSTICE radicals. Detroit was once the “Paris of the Midwest” but is now in tatters after 50 years of being lead by Democrats. The social justice warriors are many in this city and they’re ready to bring down anything that’s traditional American culture while using your money to “spread the wealth”. Great way to make enemies…

In what could be dubbed an act of criminal irony, a statue of Christopher Columbus in downtown Detroit has been vandalized just in time for this year’s Columbus Day.


The statue, located at Jefferson and Randolph right next to city hall, has been splashed with fake blood, and a hatchet has been taped to his forehead as if it had just been struck.

It was not clear when exactly the statue was vandalized. Detroit police are looking into the incident. City officials will have the statue cleaned up tomorrow, said Dan Austin, a Mayor’s Office spokesman.

More cities are recognizing Native Americans on Columbus Day

The statue was dedicated in 1910 to honor Detroit’s Italians, but was restored and relocated in 1988, according to the statue’s plaques.

One of the plaques also reads that Columbus is a “great son of Italy” who “discovered America.”


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