MSNBC’s Chuck Todd tried his hardest to downplay President Trump’s positive moves on the steel industry during an interview with the president of the steelworker’s union…Leo Gerard, President of the United Steelworks, talked to Chuck about the effect of President Trump’s newly proclaimed tariffs and it got a little contentious. Gerard had the facts on his side! Todd was dumbfounded and tried to come back with a counter punch but Gerard stood his ground.

Gerard said that President Trump is ‘going to level the playing field’.  He sent a great message to President Trump that he thinks steelworkers will flip and vote for Trump in 2020!

“It’s going to make it very hard for our members to ignore what he just did and what makes me sad is we’ve been trying to get Democrats to this for more than 30 years.” – Leo Gerard

Our favorite part is when Gerard spoke about the “cheaters”…LOL! Great stuff!

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MSNBC is known for their left-leaning hosts but this guy is a total jackwagon! He patronized a steel worker on his show Friday by making the assumption that he wouldn’t want his son to become a steel worker too. So rude! The answer is awesome!

Scott Sauritch, the president of United Steelworkers Union Local 2227, appeared on the show to discuss his support for President Donald Trump’s newly announced tariffs of 25 percent on steel and 10 percent on aluminum imports.

“So let me ask you this, Scott. You saw this trend in the 80s. You saw the imported steel was hurting the industry. I guess my question is for steel workers around America as I discussed with somebody earlier, a lot of this is technology, right?” Velshi asked. “It just takes fewer human labor hours to make a ton of steel. At some point doesn’t it make more sense to start to transition. You don’t want your son being a steel worker I assume.”

Sauritch said his son actually just got hired by U.S. Steel “not too long ago”. BOOM!

Sauritch continued to defend American steel and the jobs it produces:

“If a man wants to make a good living and a good wage and a steel good benefits, the opportunity arises. Now for a young man to come in and to have job security, this tariff that is put on across the board is going to help everyone out.”

He went on to defend the steel industry by saying the United States doesn’t want bridges built from compromised steel from China.

He defended the quality of American steel vs Chinese steel, “There’s a difference between  quality and junk.”

President Trump spoke about the better quality steel from America last week. He also used the example of national security to promote steel production in America as opposed to overseas.



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