This election is THE most important election EVER! Which way will America turn after 8 years of the “fundamental transformation”? Let’s face it, a large part of the blame for the 8 years of a first term Senator being elected to be the President of the United States is the main stream media’s refusal to tell the truth about Obama. Hopefully, Americans have been awakened by this betrayal and will see through the spin this time around. Here’s a fantastic synopsis of the latest spin from Megyn Kelly of FOX News:

With America the Beautiful crying out in death throes for rescue from its undeserved ‘Fundamental Transformation’, Fox News seems intent on making the 2016 presidential election all about—Fox News.

Move over, Megyn Kelly, America is calling.

It doesn’t take a conspiracy theorist to recognize a conspiracy, and as the Kelly File proved lat night, it only takes a single television show.

One night after immigration opportunist/Univision ‘reporter’ Jorge Ramos broke the queue taking over the mic at Donald Trump’s Dubuque, Iowa event, Megyn Kelly gave him the floor on her Kelly File—the same way she gave DNC motor mouth Debbie Wasserman-Schultz rant time as her first guest after the mainly Fox-touted ‘Great Debate’.

In short, Ramos who was given the bum’s rush from the Iowa event, got to make a comeback on last night’s Kelly File.

“Kelly very knowingly asked him, “What is it like to be caught in the crosshairs of a billionaire presidential runner?” Ramos answered, “Well, you know exactly how it feels.”

In one fell swoop, all the attention went running back to Kelly.

“Kelly did acknowledge “it’s not unusual” for reporters to do what he did, but asked Ramos why Trump would want to engage with him when he has repeatedly referred to Trump as a voice of extreme hate. (Mediaite)

“Ramos said it shouldn’t matter if Trump is a fan of his or Univision’s or not, he has an obligation as a presidential candidate to answer reporters’ questions. Ramos did add, though, that Trump clearly can’t deal with questions that make him “uncomfortable.”

Sure didn’t take long for Kelly to get back to everything being about Megyn Kelly.

What good is Fox News doing for America if the 2016 presidential race isn’t all about how Obama is destroying America, and if it’s all about the non-stop bickering between Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly?

Peculiar, isn’t it that Trump’s become the Fox arch enemy all because he’s trying to ‘Make America Great Again’ and laying out the truth while he’s at it?

Time is running out on bringing America back from the brink. All other GOP contenders should be doing the same as The Donald.


Americans are worried about their children and grandchildren having to grow up in an unstable fundamentally transformed America.

Trump’s in hot water for calling Kelly a “bimbo”. After last night, perhaps the word “cunning” would be more applicable.

In his unbridled passion to ‘Make America Great Again’, Trump is bumptious, brash and bold, but a least he employs the frontal attack, leaving no room for second guessing about his intent.

Tired of the Republican run-around, people are trying to press home the message to Fox News that their golden boy Jeb Bush, like Mitt Romney, just doesn’t cut it and that their network regular Karl Rove is full of it.

The focus should be on presidential election 2016 and prima donnas like Megyn Kelly told to leave their inflated egos at the back door.

Meanwhile, the Fox News attack on The Donald is all about ratings when at least half of America is all about saving their country from fundamental transformation.

A cry needs to go up across the land:”Move Over, Megyn Kelly, America is calling”.

Via: Judi MCCleod of Canada Free Press

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