Former Donald Trump adviser and War Room host Steve Bannon was ordered to report to prison by July 1st to begin a four-month sentence for defying subpoenas from the J6 Committee.

Bannon was convicted of Contempt of Congress in 2022 and a higher court rejected his appeal.


NBC News reports:

Bannon was found guilty on two counts of contempt of Congress in July 2022 for defying the committee’s subpoenas, but his sentence had been put on hold while he appealed the case. U.S. District Judge Carl said Thursday he did not believe that the “original basis” for his stay of the imposition of Bannon’s sentence existed any longer after an appeals court upheld Bannon’s conviction. Bannon could still appeal Nichol’s ruling that he must report to prison.

Bannon was sentenced more than a year and a half ago, in October 2022, to four months behind bars, the same sentence currently being served by former Trump adviser Peter Navarro, who also refused to comply with a Jan. 6 Committee subpoena.


“All of this is about one thing—shutting down the MAGA movement, grassroots conservatives and Pres Trump. Not only are we winning, we are going to prevail. There’s not a prison or jail built that can shut me up,” War Room CFO/COO Grace Chong wrote.


Per CNN:

Shortly after the hearing concluded, Bannon vowed to fight his contempt of Congress conviction “all the way to the Supreme Court if we have to.”

Bannon also claimed without evidence that his prosecution by the Justice Department was about “shutting down the MAGA movement, shutting down grassroots conservatives, shutting down President Trump.”

“There’s nothing that can shut me up and nothing that will shut me up. There’s not a prison built or a jail built that will ever shut me up,” he told reporters outside the federal courthouse in Washington.

“We’re going to win at the Supreme Court,” he added.

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