Former Trump Advisor Steve Bannon blasts Bennie Thompson and establishment after his court appearance

After the first day of his trial, Steve Bannon unloaded on the establishment and the crooked January 6th Committee outside of the courthouse.

The former Trump advisor was charged by the January 6th Committee with contempt of Congress after claiming executive privilege and refusing to “cooperate” with them and their sham trial. Now, he faces a trial of his own as they move forward with the charges.

Day one of the trial consisted of opening statements from both the prosecution and the defense, as well as the questioning of a January 6th staffer by the Department of Justice.

The prosecution all but admits that this is a vendetta against Bannon for his refusal to give the Committee the information they are “entitled to.” Meanwhile, Defense claims that he is innocent of this while leaning into the fact that the trial is a political witch hunt.

Outside, after his appearance, Bannon blasts Bennie Thompson and the committee, as well as the whole political establishment, for their cowardice and crookedness.


“I challenge Bennie Thompson… to have the courage to come to this courthouse. If he’s gonna charge somebody with a crime, he’s gotta be man enough to show up here. Send somebody in the Committee who has the guts to come here and accuse somebody of a crime,” Bannon begins.

“They won’t bring in any testimony,” he continues, “any testimony about FBI involvement, any testimony of DHS involvement. The total and complete illegitimacy of Joe Biden. Trump won, Joe Biden is illegitimate–50% of the American people believe that.”

“We have a constitutional crisis in this nation right now and they’re charging me with a crime. Have the guts and the courage to show up here and say exactly why it’s a crime. Bennie Thompson is a total, absolute disgrace and this show trial they’re running is a disgrace. And I will promise you one thing: When the Republicans have a sweeping victory on November 8th, starting in January, you’re going to get a real–you’re going to get a real committee with a ranking member who will be a Democrat. You will have a minority counsel that will be a Democrat.  And this will be run appropriately and the American people will get the full story,” Bannon finishes.

Steve Bannon is being subjected to an illegitimate and overreaching committee’s political persecution of perceived threats. The committee’s tyrannical and Jupiterian persecution of opposition is not something you find in the types of Democracies they claim to be defending. It belongs to a dictatorship.

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