Steve Bannon is being charged with contempt of congress, a rare charge, that has not been brought since 1974. Bannon projected a confident demeanor as he was leaving jury selection Monday. Bannon is being charged for refusing to testify before the January 6 committee, claiming executive privilege. Last week Trump waived Bannon’s executive privilege, opening up the ability for him to testify.

Trump released executive privilege in a letter to Steve Bannon dated July 9, saying he wanted Bannon to be able to defend himself “testifying truthfully and fairly”.

But is Bannon able to receive a fair trial in DC? Attorney Alan Dershowitz does not think so.

Dershowitz concern is well founded. One potential juror said he “won’t believe anything Bannon says because of who he affiliates with.”

Another potential juror admitted he did not like Bannon. But claimed he could still be impartial.

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch called Bannon a victim of Pelosi and the Biden Justice Department and was quick to express his support.

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