Americans who doubt the outcome of the presidential election are supposed to sit down and shut up. Even though people see glaring voting irregularities, we’re supposed just to accept that a 47-year career politician who didn’t campaign won the election over the hardest-working president we’ve ever seen. We don’t know about you, but we will never believe crooked Beijing Joe won fair and square.

Senior advisor for strategy on the Trump campaign Steve Cortes makes some great points during an interview with Howie Carr, where he says the “statistical improbabilities” of the 2020 election are HUGE and glaring.

While Georgia was called for Biden today, the discussion about fraud and the improbability of Biden receiving a huge turnout only in the places he needs it. Also, Carr points out the statistical improbability for how 95,000 Georgians only voted for Biden on the ballot.

Anyone with half a brain knows the election was stolen from President Trump and Cortes spells it out below:

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The cities with Democrats in charge will never be cleaned up as far a voter fraud is concerned. It just won’t happen.

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