The fact that Biden and the big tech monopolies have been exploiting the pandemic for political reasons is an understatement, but many Americans just don’t see it. Democrats used the covid crisis during the 2020 campaign to scare Americans and then take control. What happened to “15 days to stop the spread”? That turned into a year of masking and shutdowns.

Steve Hilton explains how the social media giants and Biden’s administration have quickly tried to centralize control and grow government dependency. Government overreach via executive orders by Biden kills the balance needed to create bipartisan solutions for ALL Americans. The statement below from Hilton is spot on and holds nothing back in calling out Biden, Big Tech, and even Republicans who profit from big government.

“Power should be dispersed.” – Steve Hilton

Hilton calls attention to the radical group that makes up the Facebook Oversight Board. He calls for the big tech companies like Facebook to be broken up and calls for the same thing with the government.

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