Former Vice President Joe Biden got all hot under the collar when he was asked about his involvement with his son Hunter, and his dealings in Ukraine. Joe isn’t used to tough questions. He likes the softball questions.

During his tirade, Biden told the reporter to focus instead, on Trump. That’s precisely what the Democrats are counting on with their impeachment scam; they want the American people to focus on Trump and NOT on the corruption within their own party.

So, what is Joe hiding?

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The Next Revolution host Steve Hilton, lays out a stunning timeline of the real Joe and Hunter Biden Ukraine, and surprise—it also involves two sitting Democrat Senators. Now we know what Joe Biden is hiding and why the media is working so hard to keep this story hidden from the American public.

Trump’s campaign manager, Brad Parscale tweeted the video, with a summary of the segment:

Timeline: Biden says Ukraine should produce more gas.

April 16: Devin Archer visits Biden in White House

April 18: Hunter joins Burisma

April 21: @JoeBiden promised our taxpayer money to Ukraine for the gas industry.

Parscale brings up a very good point: If you replaced this with Trump’s, the media would lose it.

Now we know why Biden wants to divert attention from his involvement in Ukraine.

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