We’re pretty sure the time for tip-toeing around radical mosques whose members have committed acts of jihad against innocent members of society is over. Can we just get a backbone and stop worrying about offending people who want to kill us?

Chilling footage shows the final moments of a ‘radicalised’ 15-year-old after he stormed a police headquarters and shot an accountant at point-blank range in an ‘act of terrorism’.

Schoolboy Farhad Jabar Khalil Mohammad can been seen running down the street brandishing his gun in the air just seconds after killing father-of-two Curtis Cheng, 58.

Dressed in a black robe, the lone gunman can be heard screaming at officers before having a shoot-out with three special constables guarding the station in Parramatta, Sydney.

The 15-year-old first came across a plain clothes female detective who was not carrying a gun, according to reports.


But he then shot Mr Cheng in the back on the head as the veteran of the police finance department was leaving work.

Witnesses have described seeing the teenagers dancing joyously after shooting the ‘gentle’ public servant while shouting ‘Allah, Allah’.

Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione confirmed the teenager’s actions were ‘politically motivated and therefore linked to terrorism’.

But he admitted they were still unsure of the schoolboy’s ‘exact motivations’.

Say wha-a-a-t? Unsure of his motivations? 


And following the brutal attack on police by an Iraqi-Iranian Muslim settler living in Australia…

Australian police tiptoed around the sensibilities of the terror mosque he had attended before the attack.

New South Wales state police said the mosque in the western Sydney suburb of Parramatta – close to the scene of the double shooting on Friday afternoon – was raided with the consent of religious leaders.

“NSW Police yesterday executed a warrant at a mosque in Parramatta,” police said in a statement Sunday.

“The warrant was undertaken by arrangement with leadership at the mosque who provided full assistance to police at all times.”

“Yesterday, Prime Minister Turnbull and (NSW) Premier Mike Baird had a long conversation with not only… relevant agencies but also leaders in the Muslim community,” Bishop told the ABC on Sunday.

“We’re certainly reaching out to the leaders of the Muslim community but working with the families at a grassroots local level.

Except the “Muslim leaders” are, as usual, the problem.

Farhad Khalil ­Mohammad Jabar would regularly skip school to pray at the Parramatta Mosque, less than 1km from the NSW Police State Crime Command building where he ­executed 58-year-old accountant Curtis Cheng on ­Friday afternoon.

Detectives searched the mosque on Saturday night after reports Jabar had been seen there before his attack, only hours after imams leading the day’s service included one associated with the controversial ­political group Hizb-ut-Tahrir.

Like Islamic State, the org­anisation believes in the establishment of a “caliphate” or auto­nomous Muslim state and has been declared a terrorist ­organ­isation by other countries, ­although it does not endorse ­violence publicly.

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