Are dead people voting in Michigan in record numbers? According to the Michigan Department of State, it’s all a “clerical error”:…Apparently, the system hadn’t been updated yet to correct the information that Twitter user Essential Fleccas was reporting (see below). Does this mean dead people haven’t been used to vote in elections in Michigan?

Michigan Department of State:

Essential Fleccas went through the voter rolls in Michigan to see if dead people voted in 2020. He’s just plugged in the information and got the results of what appeared to be dead voters who voted in the 2020 election.

The MICHIGAN VOTER INDEX was used to check on the votes but has reportedly been taken offline.

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The video of the submission of the dead person’s information and then the notification that they voted is below.  The “clerical errors” show the dead people voted but according to the  Michigan Department of State it didn’t happen.


Another one…William Bradley is 118 years old!


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