This might be the funniest thing I’ve ever seen regarding the anti-2A spaghetti monster named David Hogg. He was reportedly protesting at the NRA headquarters while also being surrounded by armed guards, reportedly. You can’t make this stuff up! Perhaps you can, but it would be fictional and this is real life. It’s like we’re living in a liberal bubble that was turned into a Lifetime movie. Not that Lifetime movies are bad, but they certainly are cheesy and predictable to say the least, but not this bad.

If David Hogg’s life was a movie, then this would be the part of the script that they leave out. How can a guy who looks like diet string cheese with an onion head think it’s a good idea to protest in front of a possibly empty NRA headquarters while he’s surrounded by guards and armed police, then think he’s making a point or a difference? He’s making no point that matters and people often ignore protesters. To make things even funnier, if they’re really protesting an empty building, then that means even less people are listening. They can’t listen if they’re not there. I don’t know for sure if the building was empty or not, but it reportedly was according to a Tweet by the NRA.

Hogg posted a picture of himself with an armed police officer right behind him. I guess Hogg doesn’t mind if the police have weapons? It doesn’t make sense to protest the NRA about the ONE ITEM he doesn’t like, then have a cop with the ONE ITEM he doesn’t like and it’s OK. No, that doesn’t work.

The American Mirror stated that “Hogg and a collective of anti-Second Amendment agitators protested outside the NRA headquarters on Saturday, and as the group points out, he was protected by armed guards. The NRA’s photos show, among other things, Hogg with several security agents. For his part, Hogg unwittingly tweeted a photo showing additional armed security protecting him. In an attempt to ridicule the pro-2A counter-protesters, the student undermined his own message.”

He was later spotted with the Congolese criminal who tried climbing the Statue of Liberty and some guy who appears to have a much more voluminous diet than the underweight appearing David Hogg. The Congo lady has become so vocal in her distaste for America, yet she refuses to go back to the Congo where they would possibly execute her for saying things like what’s in this video below. Apparently, if we listen to her words in the video, then it seems like everyone here in America are drug addicts and in the KKK. By her own words, I guess that means #HerToo. She can’t discriminate against it, so she’ll have to include herself in her own horrible words. Many people on Twitter are asking questions like “why is she still here?” I don’t really know, do you?

If the hateful actions by people like her and the brainless operations behind the protests of the NRA while being surrounded by armed police aren’t enough to get you fed up, then what is?

People like this is not who should have a voice when all they’re doing is trashing the people of our great country.

I’m tired of it, aren’t you?


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