A bizarre portrait of Kamala Harris has been installed on the National Mall in DC this week.

The portrait, funded by the National Women’s History Museum and other groups, is made from shattered glass to represent the “glass ceiling” she supposedly burst through.

The EYESORE of a portrait was unveiled in front of the Lincoln Memorial on Thursday and is 6 feet tall and 6 feet wide.

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“This will just be a wonderful visual emblem of this moment in time and hopefully people will reflect a little bit on all the barriers that have been broken by her election,” Holly Hotchner, President and CEO of the National Women’s History Museum told The Associated Press.

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The Hill reports that the project was commissioned by creative agency BBH New York, which hired Swedish artist Simon Berger, who is known for his work with glass.

How about commissioning an American artist?

To create the portrait, Berger hammered into laminated glass to create the shattered effect.

“I hit the glass directly with the hammer, so that cracks and impacts occur,” Berger told the AP. “Hard hits create abstraction and I ‘paint’ with targeted fine hits.”

Harris is reportedly aware of the installation; however, it is unknown whether she will make a visit to see it.

The portrait will remain in this location until Sunday before returning to New York.

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