It seems that no one can make the Democrats happy anymore. Not long ago, the Left-wing was worshipping Disney for their stance on LGBTQ rights, and their new ultra-woke agenda.

However, now the Left is boycotting Hulu – of which Disney has majority ownership – because it recently placed banned all political ads from airing on its streaming platform. The Left needs MORE ways to shove their political agenda down everyone’s throats, and they can’t believe Hulu would have the audacity to keep politics off of their platform.

On Monday, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) tweeted,

“Hulu’s censorship of the truth is outrageous and offensive. Voters have the right to know the facts about MAGA Republicans’ extreme agenda on abortion – Hulu is doing a huge disservice to the American people.”

Suddenly the Left is so concerned with censorship and spreading the truth?

One Twitter user claimed that Hulu isn’t airing a pro-abortion advertisement because it’s “controversial.” However, Hulu is not airing any political commercials, not singling out specific ones to keep off their platform.

“Republicans do not like this ad and neither does @Hulu, they are refusing to air it because it’s controversial. We need to talk about guns and abortion. This needs to be seen, please RT and share.”

It’s kind of crazy how much they need to talk about guns and abortion in every facet of their lives. What’s so horrible about a company simply not making their entire existence about politics?

One commenter replied,

“I canceled my Hulu subscription and I hope that others will do the same. I will not patronize anyone who does not avidly support women’s rights.”

Now, by keeping all political ads off their platform, Hulu is basically anti-women’s rights.

Other Twitter users, with a bit more common sense, supported Hulu’s decision to keep politics – from all sides – off their platform.

“So people want to #BoycottHulu because they want MORE political ads. Politics have really fried the brains of everyone in this country”

Others joked that, after trying so hard to appease the Left-wing mob, they are going to find themselves falling out of favor very quickly with this decision.

“#BoycottHulu is Trending because Disney’s New Target Audience is upset that Hulu isn’t platforming Left Wing Activism.

Don’t feel sorry for them, Get out the popcorn & watch as Disney gets eaten alive by the audience they’ve spent years trying to appeal to”

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