We have now entered the phase where we are a straight-up 1984 ministry of truth style, rewriting history.

Dr. Robert Malone, one of the key figures in the invention of the mRNA vaccine recently appeared on The DarkHorse Podcast. The interview started a firestorm as the doctor expressed concerns regarding the vaccine, an information inferno that the fact-checkers were unable to extinguish. So rather than try to refute the genius doctor (cause, after all, that takes time, diligence, and knowledge of the subject), they simply wrote him out of history.

Here’s the video that has the left and their sycophants in big tech scrambling to remove from public discourse:

The first photo, taken from the Real Talk With WhatsHerFace video below, is an entry on a Wikipedia page covering the topic of the mRNA vaccine, prior to Dr. Malone’s appearance on the DarkHorse podcast:

5 days after the release of the podcast, the Wikipedia entry has been changed to remove the doc’s name and downplay his involvement.


A smidgen of blocking, a morsel of banning, a trickle of deletion.

Watch as the Real Talk With  WhatsHerFace dynamo, tackles this ominous development with both humor and facts:


I’m sorry sir but you’ve had too much to think, we’re going to have to revoke your medical license.

Wise beyond her years, Ole’ WhatsHerFace is a real firecracker and will definitely be a force for good in the years to come. Using humor and wit to tackle important issues, and with a following of young people hungry for truth, she is NOT going away. We need to support this rising star.

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