The vast majority of major universities and colleges these days are nothing more than oversized incubators used by the left to grow progressivism like some sort of disgusting bacteria or fungus, injecting it into the brains of America’s youth who then become carriers of a disease that’s fatal to freedom.

The latest example of this comes from Indiana University of Pennsylvania where a religious studies major was booted out of his Christianity class for daring to affirm the biblical and biological fact that humans only come in two genders: male and female.

Fortunately, the school’s president, Michael Driscoll stepped in and delivered a verdict on the matter before the Academic Integrity Board got to weigh in on it.

The Daily Wire is reporting:

For voicing his politically incorrect opinion and alleged disruptive behavior, Lake Ingle was not only kicked out of the lecture, but formally requested to be banned from the class by feminist Professor Alison Downie.

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But before a decision was expected to be handed down by the university’s Academic Integrity Board (AIB), IUP President Michael Driscoll stepped in to deliver some rare campus justice: Ingle was reinstated in the class and the AIB ruling was paused indefinitely.

In a Monday press conference, President Driscoll said he was “‘disappointed’ in how the university handled the situation, adding it had ‘fallen short’ of devotion to the First Amendment,'” reports Fox News.

“Driscoll notified the IUP community that specialized faculty members – including Assistant to the President for Social Equity Dr. Pablo Mendoza – will be facilitating Ingle’s return to class, but ‘if these steps do not yield positive results, I reserve the option to restart the university’s formal processes,'” notes the Fox report.

The senior would have had a to delay graduation had he not been able to attend and pass Downie’s “Christianity 481: Self, Sin, and Salvation” class.

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The school’s president absolutely made the right call on this matter. College isn’t supposed to be about indoctrination. It was always designed to be a place where you were exposed to differing points of view and were taught how to approach and engage those views with class, dignity, and respect.

If students aren’t free to share their views — in this case it’s not even a view, it’s a proven scientific fact — how will these young adults ever learn how to get along with people who come from different walks of life in the real world?

It’s time for the left to set aside the agenda pushing and actually start caring about the future generation by presenting fairly all sides of an issue and allowing them to make up their own minds.

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