A student in Ohio was suspended for using a Nerf gun in his display honoring fallen soldiers. He is speaking out to fight back against the punishment he feels is wrong. What’s even better is people are coming to his defense.

Dozens of people came to stand in front of Celina Middle School in Celina, Ohio to protest the three-day suspension of Tyler Carlin. A group of veterans and students voiced their concern over an effort by the school board to silence students. Comments made on the Celina Public Schools social media were deleted and a veteran who tried to speak at a school board meeting was thrown out of the meeting before she could speak according to Fox45now.

This all started when Carlin brought into school what is traditionally needed for a military cross for fallen soldiers. This includes a military helmet, a gun, and boots. This was all for a history project but it may end up teaching more than anyone ever thought it would.

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Eighth-grade student Tyler Carlin spoke with Fox News about recreating a battlefield cross using a toy Nerf gun:

A group of veterans is still involved and even making t-shirts in support of Tyler Carlin.

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