A “student activist” attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill decided she was going to take a stand against the statue of a Confederate soldier in a really disgusting manner, a move that ended with her in cuffs.

Maya Little was arrested for vandalism after dousing the statue in a sickening mixture of blood and red ink.

There seems to be no limit to the insanity of those who want to erase history.

Campus Reform is reporting:

According to Move Silent Sam, an activist organization that is attempting to remove the monument, graduate student Maya Little was arrested for vandalism by local authorities after covering the statue with the red solution.

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“Maya Little was arrested for defacing @UNC’s racist Confederate monument,” the group tweeted on Monday. “We support her, and encourage others to do the same.”

“[University President] Margaret Spellings, Chairperson Bissette, and the entire @UNC_System administration have failed to stand up for people of color at UNC. Shame!” the organization added.

After Little doused the monument with the concoction, a group of several students linked arms in an effort to prevent officials from cleaning the area. “Hey hey, ho ho, this racist statue has got to go,” the students chanted, according to a video tweeted by The Daily Tar Heel.

The Union Workers at UNC issued a statement on Facebook saying that it “urges the University administration to take responsibility for the continued presence of the statue on campus and the danger it poses to students and workers.”

Here’s a statement from Little detailing her act of vandalism:

“Today I have thrown my blood and red ink on this statue as a part of the continued mission to provide the context that the Chancellor [Carol Folt] refuses to,” she continued. “Chancellor Folt, if you refuse to remove the statue, then we will continue to contextualize it. Silent Sam is violence; Silent Sam is the genocide of black people; Silent Sam is antithetical to our right to exist. You should see him the way that we do, at the forefront of our campus covered in our blood.”

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While it’s absolutely true that slavery is a blight on our nation’s history, we have steadily and slowly made progress toward eradicating racism, however, it’s unrealistic to think that a fallen, imperfect people will ever conquer this evil entirely.

That being said, these statues are part of our history, even if it’s a bad part, and we need these reminders to help us avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

Removing statues does not erase the past. Awful things happened. There’s nothing that can change that. All we can do is try to move forward and learn from our mistakes.

Damaging property only turns an individual into a criminal. It doesn’t produce change. Let’s hope these young people start learning that lesson.


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