Anyone who has followed Joe Biden over his decades in politics knows he’s said numerous racist things that he doesn’t even realize are racist.

Biden got a pass when he was vice president because he was serving with Obama…the first black president.

Campus Reform decided to put Biden’s racist comments to the test by asking students if Trump or Biden said them…Watch Cabot Phillips of Campus Reform and know that we’ve got our work cut out for us in this next election. Our kids have been lied to over and over…

Campus Reform reports Joe Biden supporters at Marymount University were shocked when they first heard a series of quotes from the Presidential candidate that many have called ‘racist.’ Many students said they would reconsider their support of the former Vice President after hearing his former words.

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“I’ve never heard any of those things before.”

While our media does everything they can to destroy President Trump, they refuse to tell the truth about Joe Biden.

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