Almost every day, we publish stories we wish we could say were satire. The video you’re about to watch is one of those stories.

Campus Reform is a publication known for exposing the idiocy of the left. They frequently feature videos where they ask college students questions about current issues. In the video below, Ethan Cai of Campus Reform asks students at George Washington University to sign a petition to replace the “white man” symbol used to indicate that it’s safe to cross the street. What’s stunning is how many people take the Campus Reform reporter’s question seriously.

In the name of “diversity and inclusion,” how many college students will agree to sign the petition?

“I assume its one of the many ways in which the default is the white man,” one woman tells him.

“We just didn’t want to offend anyone,” Ethan tells one of the students.

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“I mean I haven’t thought about it, but now that I’ve thought about it, it’s definitely one of those things—its’ definitely a representative issue,” one of the students tells him.

Watch the idiocy ensue here:

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What do you think about this video? Do the reactions by the students prove how easily they are swayed by far-left opinions that usually lead to solutions that take away our freedoms or waste taxpayer dollars? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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