A new study published in The Lancet showed that trace amounts of mRNA were found in the breast milk of lactating women who received the experimental injection.

The researchers evaluated if COVID-19 jab mRNA is detectable in breast milk after maternal inoculation and determined its potential translational activity.

They collected breast milk samples from 13 lactating, healthy, post-partum women before and after COVID-19 jab inoculation.

“Of 13 lactating women receiving the vaccine (20 exposures), trace mRNA amounts were detected in 10 exposures up to 45 h post-vaccination,” the study found.

“Our findings suggest that the COVID-19 vaccine mRNA administered to lactating mothers can spread systemically to the [breast milk] in the first two days after maternal vaccination.”

Despite these findings, the researchers still believe breastfeeding post-inoculation is “safe.”

The study’s interpretation reads:

Our findings demonstrate that the COVID-19 vaccine mRNA is not confined to the injection site but spreads systemically and is packaged into BM EVs. However, as only trace quantities are present and a clear translational activity is absent, we believe breastfeeding post-vaccination is safe, especially 48 h after vaccination. Nevertheless, since the minimum mRNA vaccine dose to elicit an immune reaction in infants <6 months is unknown>

“This study was supported by the Department of Pediatrics, NYU-Grossman Long Island School of Medicine,” the researchers noted.

“All pre-vaccination BM samples were negative for COVID-19 vaccine mRNA. Small amounts of vaccine mRNA were detected in the whole BM in 15 samples from 10 exposures at 3–45 h post-vaccination,” the researchers wrote.

The discussion reads:

Our findings suggest that the COVID-19 vaccine mRNA administered to lactating mothers can spread systemically to the BM in the first two days after maternal vaccination. However, the mRNA was only occasionally detected in BM, in trace amounts, and mainly concentrated in BM EVs. The linkage analysis showed that the vaccine mRNA detected in BM was largely fragmented and retained only 12–25% of the original vaccine mRNA integrity. While the vaccine mRNA seems to be translationally inactive, further investigation is required to determine the minimum amount of mRNA needed to elicit an immune response in newborns.

Initially, it was thought that the vaccine mRNA encapsulated in LNPs would remain localized at the injection site and quickly degrade. However, several reports suggest that the LNPs/mRNA can enter the bloodstream and accumulate in distant tissues.14,35 The Pfizer and Moderna Assessment Reports provided to the European Medicines Agency16,17 concluded that a small fraction of the administered mRNA dose was distributed to distant tissues, mainly the liver, adrenal glands, spleen, and ovaries. Additionally, mRNA constructs persisted for 1–3 days in tissues other than the injection site. For lactating mothers receiving the vaccine, our results suggest that the vaccine LNPs will reach the breast tissue. However, since the intact blood-milk barrier prevents an uncontrolled exchange of soluble and cellular components between blood and milk in the mammary gland36 it is unlikely that intact LNPs will pass the blood-milk barrier to the BM. Using the fraction of RNA we detected in breast milk/mL, we calculated that the expected level of lipids in the same volume of milk was below the level of detection using the currently available analytical methodology. Our model (Fig. 5) proposes that following intramuscular administration, the LNPs containing the vaccine mRNA are likely carried to mammary glands via hematogenous or lymphatic transport.13,14 The LNPs will release their mRNA content into the cytosol of the mammary gland cells, and a portion of this mRNA will be recruited, packaged, and released in the BM EVs (exosomes or microvesicles). This can be significant as the BM EVs act as natural LNPs, protecting the mRNA from degradation. Milk-derived EVs are resistant to proteolysis by gastric and pancreatic secretions and can be readily absorbed by intestinal epithelial cells.37 Because of their ability to transfer and protect the mRNA, milk EVs have been tested as a vehicle for COVID mRNA oral vaccine.38 Since the cells likely to encounter BM EVs-loaded mRNA are intestinal epithelial cells, our study used intestinal epithelial HT-29 cells, a human colorectal adenocarcinoma cell line with epithelial morphology. Due to their similarities with enterocytes of the small intestine, it has been used as an in-vitro model to study absorption, transport, and secretion by intestinal cells and has been used to study intestinal cell response to human milk factors and human milk oligosaccharides.39,40

Chief Nerd noted that ‘fact checkers’ previously said there was no trace amounts of mRNA in breast milk.




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Tragically, one VAERS report revealed the consequences of feeding babies with tainted breast milk.


VAERS ID 1124474 reads:


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