Contrary to CDC “assurances”, a study done by Swedish researchers at Lund University has reportedly proven that messenger RNA (mRNA) from Pfizer’s Covid -19 vaccine is able to enter human liver cells and be converted into DNA.  [The researchers specifically studied BNT162b2, which is another name for the Pfizer-Biotech Covid 19 vaccine that is marketed under the brand name “Comirnaty”. This specific vaccine is the one that received FDA “approval” (vs. emergency use authorization only) in August of 2021.]

As reported by The Epoch Times, the researchers found that the mRNA vaccine enters the human liver cell and triggers the DNA (in the cell’s nucleus) to produce LINE-1 gene expression to make mRNA.  The mRNA leaves the nucleus and goes to the cell’s cytoplasm, where it translates to LINE-1 protein. A segment of that protein then goes back into the nucleus, attaches to the vaccine mRNA and reverse transcribes into spike DNA. The process of mRNA converting into DNA happens within 6 hours.

WATCH  the two-part presentation by Dr. Mobeen Syed, explaining this process more fully:

 Part One:

WATCH Part Two:

As mentioned at the start, the CDC ASSURED us, in clear question and answer format on its website, that the mRNA in the injection would NOT be converted into DNA.  It stated as FACT, that the “Covid vaccines do not change or interact with your DNA in any way”.  It also stated that “the genetic material delivered by the mRNA vaccine never enter the nucleus of your cells, where your DNA is kept.”   The Swedish study has now proven that the CDC is, once again, WRONG.

We have dealt with the constant wobbling of the CDC as to Covid issues for two years now.  And, per The Epoch Times, the CDC just admitted that it purposely WITHHELD information as to the effectiveness of vaccine boosters because it feared “misinterpretation” by the public.  [Did anyone else think “Nanny state” when you heard this news?] Now we are forced to digest the disturbing piece of news that the Pfizer shots are basically messing with our DNA.  I don’t think that I can be the only one who now thinks “CDC”‘ is really just an acronym for “Control & Deceive Citizens”.








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