Remember in 2016, when President Trump warned that under Barack Obama’s leadership, Mexico was not sending us “their finest?”

As usual, then-presidential candidate Donald J. Trump was correct.

He didn’t just promise to correct our broken border issues; President Trump actually followed through on his promise to secure our border. Walls were built, and with the full support of the President of the United States behind them, morale on our US border with our Border Patrol and law enforcement officers working in border towns was at an all-time high.

Under Joe Biden, our southern border is wide open to anyone and everyone from nations around the world.

If you have a disease, you’re welcome. If you’re trafficking a child to help you gain entry, you and the child are welcome in the U.S. If you have a criminal record, or you’re a terrorist—please, come in. Unfortunately, our government is more concerned about the CCP virus vaccine status of our border agents, than the criminal  records of those illegally entering our nation.

Over 1 million mostly unvetted illegal aliens have crossed into the United States from Mexico, bringing COVID and other serious illnesses with them. In addition, sex traffickers, human smugglers, drug dealers, murderers, rapists, and serial criminals are literally walking across our borders and being flown on commercial airlines on the American taxpayer’s dime to large cities and local communities across America.

Our southern border is collapsing under Democrat leadership. A desperate Joe Biden, whose poll numbers are sinking like the Titanic, announced today that he would reinstate Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy, the same policy that Democrats and their allies in the media called “racist.”

On October 8, Breitbart News reported about a shootout between members of the dangerous Mexican Gulf drug cartel.

Two gunmen from Mexico’s Gulf Cartel illegally entered Texas after fleeing from a shootout with Mexican authorities. Local police arrested the men as they tried to hide with migrants who crossed the Rio Grande.

The case took place this week in the city of La Joya, where local police stopped seven individuals walking along U.S. Highway 83, according to a public a statement. When authorities spoke with the group, they learned two of the men were Gulf Cartel gunmen.

La Joya Police say the men were part of the “Spartans” cell of the Matamoros faction of the Gulf Cartel. The gunmen were in a recent shootout with Mexican military forces where 17 cartel members died. The two gunmen managed to survive and fled toward Reynosa. Once there, the men paid to be crossed into Texas. The men told police that the Gulf Cartel was looking for them due to desertion. Prior to their crossing, they had been sent to other cities to fight rival factions.

Here’s a video of the shootout:

There has never been a better time for members of dangerous Mexican drug cartels to walk across our border and into our communities where they sex traffic our children and sell them what they believe are innocuous drugs laced with deadly fentanyl.

In the past, dangerous drug cartels were forced to dig underground tunnels or sneak across our border with Mexico. The only thing they need now is somebody else’s child.

Former Special Supervisory ICE Agent Victor Avila recently traveled to our US Border to report back about the truth behind the crisis our nation is facing. Avila told 100 Percent Fed Up that he witnessed hundreds of “young military-age men” who successfully cross the border being loaded onto buses in Laredo, TX.


When Avila arrived at the Del Rio Airport in Texas, he noticed the airport was filled with young illegal alien males. Every one of them had at least one or two kids with them. Avila, who is trained to identify human traffickers, was stunned to discover how many of these men were being sent to various locations around the United States and that none of the young men with children were accompanied by a wife or mother of the children. When Avila asked about the mother’s whereabouts, he got the same answers, “They were pregnant and couldn’t make the journey,” or they told him they were divorced from their wives.

Victor Avilla took the image below at McAllen Airport, where the illegal alien males with young children were waiting to board planes and be flown to various destinations. One of the males had a young girl with him that was about 4-years-old. Former Special ICE Agent Victor Avila noticed she was drinking from a bottle, which he found to be “odd.” Upon further examination, Avila noticed the bottle was filled with Coca-Cola, which he said was a clear indication the person with her was not her father, as he had no idea how to care for the child.

Are Americans okay with thousands (possibly hundreds of thousands) of drug dealers and gang members being deposited by our US government into our communities?

Do we foolishly believe these violent cartels won’t set up shop in our communities?

In the fertile Mexican state of Michoacán, where farmers have worked hard to build profitable businesses, the violent Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG) has taken over their farms.

Yesterday, we received this video from Victor Avila, showing members reportedly of the Cartel Jalisco New Generation (CJNG)  shooting AK-47 and .50 rifles at the Mexican military from the balcony of a compound. It’s not clear if this is a farmer’s home that they’ve taken over or if this is a compound belonging to the powerful cartel. Eight members of the Mexican military were killed in the shootout, and five were injured.

Avila mocked lawmakers for focusing on the violent behavior of terrorists in the Middle East. “These drug cartels are just as bad, or worse,” Avila told us. “They will slit a man from his throat down and gut him like a deer and not even think twice about it,” he said. And he should know, while on special assignment in Mexico, Avila was ambushed by the violent Mexican Los Zetas cartel and shot multiple times; his partner Jaime Zapata died after he was also shot multiple times by the violent cartel.

Is this the America Democrats are creating for us?

The clashes between at least nine drug cartels have plunged the Mexican state of Michoacán into a serious crisis of violence due to the dispute over the production and trafficking of drugs such as marijuana and methamphetamine, as well as natural and mineral resources.

The violence unleashed in Michoacán has worsened in recent years with the emergence of six cartels of the extinct self-defense groups that after reducing the Knights Templar also allowed the entry of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG), according to data from the intelligence services government of Michoacán.

Precisely, the CJNG is headed by Michoacan Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes “El Mencho,” the drug trafficker most wanted by the United States and Mexico.

When America opens our southern borders to anyone with a child, there cannot be a happy ending.

The federal Drug Enforcement Administration’s 2017 National Drug Threat Assessment reveals that six Mexican drug cartels have a far-reaching stranglehold over several Texas cities. It also finds that Mexican cartels now smuggle more drugs into the US than any other criminal organization.

One of the criminal groups, the Gulf Cartel, has a hold on Texas cities such as McAllen, Brownsville, Corpus Christi, Galveston, Houston, and Beaumont in the state’s tip and coastal bend area. The group mostly brings in marijuana and cocaine in through between the Rio Grande Valley and South Padre Island in Texas.

In the western part of the Lone Star State, the Los Zetas Cartel controls two cities, while another group, the Juarez Cartel, has a hold on Lubbock, El Paso, Midland, and Alpine.

The Sinaloa Cartel, which used to be run by Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, is primarily found in Dallas, Lubbock, and Fort Worth, the report states.

In the past, dangerous drug cartels were forced to dig underground tunnels or sneak across our border with Mexico. The only thing they need now is to latch on somebody else’s child.





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