You have got to be kidding me! After all the times that Trump has been attacked by the Democratic side of our society for saying that we need a wall on our Mexican border to stop illegals from getting into our country and destroying our economy, Obama just pulled the most hypocritical and pointless move of his career.

Obama just gave a ‘gift’ of $75 MILLION to Mexico to provide material and equipment for the building of a border wall on Mexico’s SOUTHERN border and to help cover the expense of training to help man the wall properly.

So basically he is helping Mexico to keep out illegals from central America because Mexico doesn’t want them. Yet the Mexican President, Enrique Peña Nieto, says he will not pay for the border wall on the northern border of Mexico to keep them out of the U.S, and Obama somehow sees the logic in this?

Trump has and always will be right about the wall blocking Mexico and if Obama had wanted to help a country keep illegals out then maybe he should start in the country that he is President in. Then again Obama has given trillions of dollars away to other countries while we Americans still sit here struggling to pay simple bill like mortgages, medical, food, electricity, etc.

I guess he felt the need to stick it to us in a special kind of way before we unceremoniously drop him outside of the White House gates come January 2017.

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H/T [ Young Cons , Conservative Tribune ]

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