“Dark money” coming to US Democrats courtesy of a Swiss billionaire is unlawful and illegal

When the globalist elite worldwide, from Gates to Soros, Switzerland to Ukraine, are all supporting your party financially, you know you must be the villains.

Earlier in May it came out from Russian intelligence reports that billionaires including Bill Gates and George Soros were using Ukraine biolabs to funnel money to Democrat candidates during elections.

Now, a Swiss billionaire Hansjörg Wyss is found to have been contributing “dark money” indirectly–yet still unlawfully–to US Democrats through nonprofit organizations.

Swiss billionaire Wyss, left,and Georgia Gubernatorial candidate Abrams, right

From the New York Post:

Wyss, 86, is not a US citizen or permanent resident, and cannot directly or even indirectly make contributions to federal political candidates, according to a 2021 complaint to the Federal Election Commission filed by Americans for Public Trust. The group is suing the FEC in district court in Washington, DC, alleging that the federal agency has been slow to act on its 2021 complaint against Wyss.

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Worth more than $5 billion, Wyss resides in the US under an E-2 investor visa, according to court papers.

“We know that for years Wyss has funneled millions of dollars to left-wing nonprofits that boost Democratic turnout and provide partisan campaign strategy,” said Hayden Ludwig, a senior investigative researcher at Capital Research Center, a Washington, DC-based conservative think tank that studies philanthropy and nonprofits.

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Wyss has already contributed, since 2016, over $253 million to Democrat candidates and their causes including more than $17 million to Joe Biden, $3 million to Pelosi and over $3 million to Stacy Abrams and he is expected to ramp up his efforts ahead of the November midterms.

Wyss has so far gotten away with this by skirting the laws pertaining to foreign contributions through Democrat nonprofits. Like Soros and Gates, he is a massive contributor of funds to globalist Democrat causes including the impeachment of President Trump. The FEC has been slow to act as they always are when it comes to penalizing leftists, however, Americans for Public Trust is pushing the issue.

Wyss made his money through medical devices and sold out to Johnson and Johnson in 2012.

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