Thinking women chose Trump! Conservative women overwhelmingly voted for Trump by a huge margin. This goes to show that the polls and media pundits were all wrong.

I’ve never been prouder of conservative women! They really looked beyond all of the bs being put out there by the media and the Clinton campaign. Conservative women chose to vote for who they thought would do the best job as president and NOT vote for someone because of their gender. 

Trump won among several groups of women roving all of the so-called experts wrong.
While Clinton won among women overall by more than 10 percentage points, a number of female voting groups broke for Trump — even though 73 percent of all female voters surveyed in the exit polling said they’re bothered “some” or “a lot” by Trump’s reported treatment of women.

Trump won among white women by about 10 percentage points — and by nearly 20 points among middle-age white women. And women who describe themselves as conservative broke overwhelmingly for Trump, by 78 percent to 18 percent.


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