During a Foreign Affairs Committee meeting, Rep. Brian Mast asked for the name of a fallen service member that doesn’t justify the Soleimani killing:
“I will sit here and wait…” 
It was crickets, and then Rep. Eliot Engel tried to move on by saying:

 “Thank you, Mr. Mast, I think you’ve made your point…”

Rep. Mast shot back: “Mr. Chairman, I have not yielded back my time.”

There was a back and forth in which Engel tried to end the silence, but Rep. Mast stood strong.

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The fact is that Soleimani is reported to have been responsible for the deaths of over 600 American troops.

Democrats would rather not have Americans know the truth about Soleimani and why it is a great thing that he was taken out.

Obama’s own former national security adviser:

Media narrative shattered:

Obama’s former national security adviser says President Trump was “absolutely correct” to kill Iran’s Soleimani.

“It was the right thing to do.”

Rep. Brian Mast is a Veteran and has an incredible story:


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