Kathy Barnette, a GOP Senate Candidate in Pennsylvania, has a powerful story to share

Kathy Barnette is a GOP Senate candidate in Pennsylvania who represents a strong, America First platform. She is also a black, conservative woman with a powerful story.

GOP Senate Candidate Kathy Barnette

Kathy Barnette was conceived by her mother at age 11, as a product of rape. But despite both her young age and the dreadful circumstances behind conception, she did not have an abortion. As Barnette points out, in the left’s world she never would have been born. But thank God that she was. Barnette is a powerful pro-life voice and a strong, Christian woman. She recognizes the value of her life, and of all life. She has overcome the odds from conception.

Barnette: “Aborting me would not have eased the trauma that my mother suffered… Aborting me would not have allowed me to be in a place today where I can now take care of my mother.”

See her incredible story here:

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But it isn’t just her incredible story which drives her. Kathy Barnette has belief in a good, conservative future for black America.

When asked what her outreach to black women is when 87% vote Democrat, Barnette responded:

“We want what everyone else wants. We want good schools, safe streets, good jobs. We don’t want liquor stores on every street corner.”

She believes that the GOP has the right message for African Americans, but that it often has trouble selling it the way that she can.

Barnette has recently seen a jump in the polls, especially with non-professional straw polls on Twitter and other media platforms, where she often leads Dr. Oz and McCormick.

Her story lends to her uniqueness as a candidate and her strong pro-life messaging, along with her messaging to black conservatives everywhere that they are not alone, and do not need to be closeted in their political views.

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