The amazing investigative reporter Julie Kelly of American Greatness, who has done more to expose the corruption behind the January 6th convictions and treatment of January 6th prisoners than almost anyone, has just dropped a massive bombshell that should shake every American to their core.

According to Kelly, the DOJ has embedded an FBI agent in the defense team of the non-violent Jan. 6th prisoner, former US Marine Zachary Rehl. Rehl has been imprisoned since January 6 real crime is that he’s a member of the “Proud Boys.”

In her first of a series of four tweets, Kelly reported that a new motion has just been filed by the defense in the Proud Boys trial accusing the DOJ of using an FBI informant to spy on and infiltrate the defense team of Zachary Rehl.

Kelly wrote: “Just when you think DOJ can’t get any dirtier–“


Kelly shared an UPDATE to her first tweet, saying: Judge Kelly just ordered DC US Attorney Matthew Graves’ office to respond to this motion by 9 am tomorrow.

In her second tweet, the true investigative reporter wrote that Judge Kelly was asked by the January 6th defendant’s attorney to reconsider the nonviolent Rehl’s incarceration “since he has a daughter he’s never held since she was born after he was arrested.” Instead of honoring his lawyer’s request, Judge Kelly denied his bail for two years.

The allegations about the existence of yet one more previously undisclosed CHS after various other alleged full and complete disclosures of all the CHS’s involved in the case demonstrate that there are reasons to doubt the veracity of the government’s explanation and justification for withholding information about the CHSs who have been involved in the case. Moreover, the government disclosed this information for the first time on the day before the witness was scheduled to appear.

Rehl’s lawyer, Carmen Hernandez, asked for “an immediate emergency hearing and adjournment of the Court proceedings until the issues have been considered and resolved.”

Accordingly, Mr. Rehl and the other defendants in the instant case respectfully request that the Court compel the government to disclose all information, recordings, and reports set forth above so that the defense team (and the Court) can have a complete picture of what happened, and why. The defendants request an immediate emergency hearing and adjournment of the Court proceedings until these issues have been considered and resolved.

In her third tweet, Kelly revealed that DC US Attorney Matthew Graves’ office “continues to mislead court and defendants about the actual number of FBI informants (CHS).” 

A CHS is a “Confidential Human Source.”

According to Kelley, the FBI agent actually participated in prayer meetings with a member of Rehl’s family!

“Holy sh*t, this is beyond dirty.”

“DC US Attorney Matthew Graves’ office notified the defense team TODAY that a defense witness has been an FBI informant since the BEGINNING of the case thru the start of the trial.”

“The CHS participated in prayer meetings with…the defendants’ families.” Kelly wrote.

Here is a screenshot of the court doc. Kelly included in her tweet that outlines how the FBI’s CHS (Confidential Human Source) has been in touch with the defendant’s counsel via telephone, text messaging, and other electronic means with one or more members of Rehl’s defense counsel members.

In her final tweet, Kelly writes: So prosecutors knew back in December that defense planned to call this person as a witness. For 3 months, not only did Graves’ office refuse to disclose the witness was an FBI informant, the individual continued to work as an informant, spying on defense, during trial prep.

Kelly’s entire article about how the FBI was caught “red-handed” spying on Reh’s communications with his then-attorney can be found in the tweet below. In her American Greatness article, Kelly explains how, incredibly, the DOJ is arguing that the communications of the Jan 6 prisoner with his attorney are not privileged because he is behind bars!

Conservative “amuse” has also shared his outrage, which truly sums up how most Americans will feel when they see the stunning documents shared by Julie Kelly.

He tweeted:

SHOCK: The FBI is paying J6 defense witnesses to provide the defense’s trial strategy to Biden’s DOJ. The government has paid informants inside the trial, feeding information to the FBI and DOJ. This is beyond outrageous. There is no justice in America today. I am speechless.


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