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In addition to writing about current events that are being ignored by the fake news media, like the ecological crisis in East Palestine, Ohio, or the sudden deaths of otherwise healthy athletes and individuals following nationwide COVID jab mandates, 100 Percent Fed Up is also committed to telling the truth about candidates like conservative rock star, Kristina Karamo, the newly elected chair of the Michigan Republican Party.

MI GOP Chair Kristina Karamo

On Saturday, the MI GOP delegates made history when they elected a grassroots favorite, conservative powerhouse Kristina Karamo, as the first black female to the role of Republican Party chair. Over at the Detroit News, it was all hands on deck as they joined forces with the spineless RINO Editorial Editor Nolan Finley to destroy her character and minimize her influence on a party that no longer wishes to be directed by the establishment.

Karamo’s ability to fearlessly speak about a variety of controversial topics, including her first-hand account of voter fraud she witnessed at the TCF Center in 2020, is what really keeps Michigan’s dishonest media and their allies in the Democrat Party up at night. It’s why they try so hard to mischaracterize and demonize her:

Here is a look at the article that appeared yesterday in The Detroit News that was written by Craig Mauger and Beth LeBlanc about the historic victory of Kristina Karamo, the Michigan Republican Party’s new chair:

(Keywords and phrases used to describe MI GOP Chair Kristina Karamo vs. how they describe MI Dem Chair Lavora Barnes can be seen in red type)

Lansing — Kristina Karamo, who lost her secretary of state race by 14 percentage points but refused to concede, will lead the Michigan Republican Party following an 11-hour convention and three rounds of voting Saturday at the Lansing Center.

Most voters who watched the 2020 election stolen by the Soros-funded Jocelyn Benson, who is arguably America’s most crooked SOS, understood that Karamo had no real chance of winning in her bid to unseat Benson in 2022. MI SOS Benson was sued after it was discovered she directed clerks to ignore signature matching in 2020, refused to clean up the voter rolls in 2020 and again in 2022, and even defended the illegal activities of US postal workers who were caught on surveillance video dropping stacks of ballots into drop boxes meant for voters.

Asking Benson to ensure every legitimate vote was counted in 2022 was like asking a fox to keep track of how many eggs are laid in a henhouse.

The Detroit News continues:

Karamo, considered a favorite among the party’s grassroots but viewed as divisive among the establishment, beat out former attorney general candidate Matt DePerno, 58% to 42%, in the third round of voting. DePerno had been endorsed by former President Donald Trump.

Let’s compare:

Here are the first two paragraphs written by Hannah McKay of the Detroit News about the newly elected MI Democrat Party Chair:

Detroit — Democrats, riding high following historic wins in November’s midterms, re-elected state party chairwoman Lavora Barnes for a third, two-year term Saturday afternoon at the party’s convention in downtown Detroit.

MI Dem Chair Lavora Barnes

The Detroit News continues:

Barnes is known for her work in political organizing and has been praised for her involvement in Democrat’s success in November’s midterm elections.

It’s curious how publications like the Detroit News get a pass when it comes to their grotesque attempts to assassinate the character of the first black female chair of the MI GOP while holding up the nomination of the first black female chair of the Democrat Party as a reason to celebrate.

Instead of trying to discover the truth about a young woman who grew up in Oak Park, MI, surrounded by love and nurtured by two Christ-centered parents whose primary focus was on family and education, they’ve worked overtime to mischaracterize her. Karamo’s story of rising up from poverty and despair after an abusive marriage that ended in divorce, to the current leader of the Mi GOP is so powerful it could be made into a Netflix movie.

The media was given the opportunity to use Kristina as an example of courage and perseverance and talk about how, against all odds, she obtained a Master’s degree in Christian Apologetics and has been working for several years as a professor at Wayne Community College, where she is currently teaching a class on Career and Professional Development, but instead, the dishonest promoter of the Democrat Party simply refer to her as “an Oak Park educator.”

From The Detroit News-

The Oak Park educator and conservative activist will take the reins months after the Michigan GOP in November lost long-held majorities in the House and Senate and lost races seeking to oust the incumbent Democratic governor, secretary of state, and attorney general. She becomes the first Black person to lead the Michigan GOP.

As part of their “investigative report” on Karamo’s historic win, the Detroit News interviewed two Republicans about Karamo’s historic victory. Both Republicans dislike Karamo. Jason Roe, a well-known RINO and former executive of the MI GOP, was hired by the former MI GOP Chair and globalist Ron Weiser. The unpopular Roe resigned from his role at the MI GOP after grassroots Republicans called for him to be removed over his views that did not align with those of the majority in the party. Of course, The Detroit News asked Roe for his opinion on Karmo’s win.

Jason Roe, a former executive director of the Michigan Republican Party, said “crazy” had trumped Trumpat Saturday’s convention.

From the Detroit News interview with former MI State Rep and RINO Aaron Miller:

Former state Rep. Aaron Miller, a Republican from Sturgis, said Karamo’s victory indicated some Michigan Republicans want to keep losing elections. Miller called it a sad day for the GOP.

The Republican Party is now pretty well cemented as the party of election denying, conspiracy theories, tin hats, and supporting Capitol riots,” Miller said. “I’ll pass. I’ll continue to write good people in on my election ballots. The sooner they can return to the party of sensibility and economic prosperity, the sooner they can start winning.”

Sadly, the former state rep is so far removed from the MI GOP that he doesn’t even realize he’s in the minority in his belief that the Republican Party in Michigan will return to the days of cocktail parties and backroom deals.

Compare the two people the Detroit News interviewed about Karamo’s historic victory to the two people they interviewed about Barnes’s re-election:

West Bloomfield delegate Eddie McDonald said he was “ecstatic” after Barnes’ re-election, referencing her “One Campaign for Michigan,” a coordinated effort to elect Democrats in all parts of the state that began in 2018.

“I’ve worked with her for quite a while and I’m just really, really pleased that she’s gonna be around for this next cycle as we go into 2024,” McDonald said. “She is responsible, along with Senator Debbie Stabenow, for putting together… the ONE Campaign for Michigan. We did that in 2018, which originally got the party together and we did it again in 2020. We just did it again in 2022. So from the organizer’s standpoint, it keeps growing.”

Gary Cynowa, an alternate delegate from the 9th Congressional District, also credited the Democratic Party’s success in the 2022 midterms to Barnes.

“(She) was able to organize the state well enough that we could elect at every level, Supreme Court… the Senate, the House,” the 75-year-old Macomb Township resident said. “It was impressive leadership skills that she was able to do that, obviously, she had a great workforce behind her.”

The Detroit News isn’t going to stop reporting falsehoods about Karamo because we’ve exposed them. The fake news establishment media is no longer concerned about its reputation. They are fully onboard with the Democrat Party and their efforts to take down any conservative leaders who get in the way of fulfilling their goal to turn America into a radical, leftist, totalitarian state that no longer respects the Constitution. They are committed to their agenda and will stop at nothing to strip everyday Americans of their freedoms.

Kristina Karamo represents the thin red line that stands between freedom and tyranny—not just in Michigan but in the United States of America. There is a reason the Democrats and their allies in the media fear her—she will bravely and humbly continue to stand up for the people she represents, and she simply doesn’t care what the mainstream media thinks.

She answers to no one but God.



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