APPROXIMATELY 30-50 ILLEGAL ALIENS in a raft landed on a popular Spanish beach then ran away to disappear into Spain. ALL young males from women, no children… Please see our report and videos below on what’s happening at our border.

We previously reported on another case in Spain:

Spain is literally being invaded…1,000 young men from North Africa arrived in just two days last week. We’ve got crazy video of a boatload of men storming a nudist beach on the shore of Del Canuelo beach on the Costa del Sol (see below) and men breaking down a border gate. They’re running wild in the street…it’s young men and very few women and children from Africa. The European Union does nothing and Spain is allowing this invasion. The mayor of a nearby port said he hopes the European Union will have a global policy regarding the invaders…good luck with that. The global policy of the EU is to do nothing about this! Europe is in crisis with Italy, Germany and so many other culturally rich countries being invaded by ECONOMIC MIGRANTS like those who cross our border illegally from Mexico.

Dozens of African migrants storm popular upscale Spanish holiday beach. Naked sunbathers were left stunned as the invaders charged across the sand into a surrounding forest to evade pursuing Spanish border guards

Over 700 migrants armed with sticks and homemade flamethrowers broke through the border fence in the Spanish town of Ceuta, local media report citing police. More than 100 migrants and 22 border agents were injured in the fight.


Our American media doesn’t report on this but it’s an ongoing issue with Europe…young African men are literally invading Europe.

The men you see in the videos above will move on to richer countries in Europe.

These countries will be forever changed culturally and economically. The evidence is also there that crime skyrockets.


If you think this can’t happen in the U.S., please see the videos at the bottom of this article. A shocking video shows stunned tourists looking on in fear as a boat load of migrants invade a beach before running away to evade police in Cadiz, Spain.

The clip shows a large group of migrants approaching the beach on a black inflatable dinghy before they make a dash across the sand in a bid to escape authorities.

“Run! Run!” one woman exclaims in Spanish before asking, “What is it? Men?”
The group of migrants managed to avoid police, who only arrived after the men were long gone.
“In recent days, migrants have repeatedly stormed the border with Ceuta by either attempting to cut through the wire fencing or running through the border post,” reports the Daily Mail.

This is the third video in recent days to show migrants, almost all of whom are young men, rushing past border controls in Spain on their way to Europe’s welfare havens.
Hundreds of African migrants surged past the Spanish-Moroccan border in Ceuta, in one case horrifically breaking the leg of a guard who tried in vain to stop the intruders.

Italy is becoming a more popular route for invaders who literally jump off of a boat and run away before they can be caught:

If you think this can’t happen in the U.S., please see the video below:

Illegal aliens stormed a San Diego beach while tourists look on in shock!

Miami, Florida is also a spot for people coming to the U.S.:

If you’re thinking of making a trip to Spain or Italy, you might want to check out what’s going on there. It’s literally become an invasion of boats full of illegals who want asylum. Very few are from any war torn nation…most of them are arriving for the economic opportunity. Not good for the LEGAL citizens of Italy and Spain!

WHY ARE SAN DIEGO BORDER CROSSINGS Overwhelmed By ‘Asylum Seekers’ from Africa?

The Los Angeles Times wants you to think the rush to our border by asylum seekers is due to people “fleeing persecution in their home countries”…

The photo with the article pictures a man from Eritrea (THE HORN OF AFRICA) who is speaking with other Africans. How the heck did they get to the U.S. border in San Diego? The truth is that the U.S. is known for its generous “goodies” given to asylum seekers. Because of that, we’ve become a global magnet for what are truly ECONOMIC REFUGEES SEEKING GOODIES and NOT people seeking asylum because of  a “credible fear” (a joke of an excuse for most).

WND reports:

According to an article in the Saudi Gazette, Mexico is giving a 20-day free pass to the U.S. border to illegal aliens from Africa and Haiti.

The Saudi Gazette reports:

“With few diplomatic ties with African nations, it is difficult for the Mexican authorities to deport illegal migrants from Africa home.

“As a result, many African migrants are given a temporary transit permit, giving them 20 days to leave Mexico. In practice this allows them to continue their journey towards the United States border without being detained by immigration officials.”

Migrants shift target destinations from Europe to U.S.

The surge of African asylum seekers at the U.S. border has its roots in the recent clamp down on refugees flooding into Europe. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, under intense political pressure and running for her political life ahead of German elections this year, has shut off the open-arms welcoming party for migrants from the Middle East and Africa.


The interviewer at the border decides if the credible fear excuse for wanting asylum is enough to gain entry to the U.S. The person just has to give a reason why they fear going back to their home country. So how is it that Haitians are coming in droves for asylum claiming “credible fear” when they really are only economic migrants? Many Americans need help so why are we taking these people? Just look at the total destruction of Europe via asylum seekers aka economic migrants and you’ll want this charade shut down NOW! We cannot afford to take in more needy people. Being the world’s dumping ground for these people is a HUGE drag on our economy and takes away from others who are needy.


So many people fleeing persecution in their home countries have asked for help in San Ysidro in recent weeks that federal officials have not been able to process all of them, leaving some stranded and running out of money while they wait in Tijuana.

U.S. border officials are trying to work through the backlog, but they can go only as fast as migrants can be processed and moved from temporary holding cells to immigration detention.


An official with U.S. Customs and Border Protection said the agency remains committed to meeting the care and safety needs of people in custody, and is working actively with partners, including Immigration and Customs Enforcement, to resolve the backup.

“There are potentially a number of reasons causing the San Diego area ports of entry to reach capacity; we do not have a definitive reason to offer at this time,” the official added.

Because of the backlog, close to 100 migrants lined up last week in the plaza outside the walkway that leads to PedWest, the pedestrian border crossing that opened earlier this year, Tijuana media outlets reported. Migrants slept in line, afraid of losing their places and having to wait longer for CBP to process them.

Then, Mexican officials told them they couldn’t stay in the plaza.

On Monday of last week, about 25 migrants were jailed overnight for waiting in the plaza outside the port, according to several Eritrean migrants.

In the days since, some found refuge in Tijuana’s migrant shelters, particularly the Casa del Migrante. Each morning, they return to the port to ask if there is room in CBP’s processing area. When they’re turned away, they walk over to a nearby plaza and wait until shelters open for the night.

“We can’t give up. We don’t have options,” said Mesfin Tesfaldet, a 33-year-old man from Eritrea seeking asylum in the U.S., who has been waiting to be processed for at least a week.

He was again shooed out of El Chaparral plaza on Friday along with about a dozen others from Eritrea and Cameroon.

When someone arrives at a port without documents for entry, CBP officials interview that person, take photographs and fingerprints and check law enforcement databases for records. If the person reports being afraid to go back to his or her home country, CBP is required by law to transfer that migrant to other federal agencies for a potential asylum case.

Most of the asylum process happens once the person has been transferred to Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody, and back-ups in that transfer system can leave CBP with limited space in its temporary holding cells at the border. Large groups of migrants arriving at once can also clog the system.


In the fall of 2016, San Diego’s ports were overwhelmed by thousands of Haitian migrants. In partnership with Mexican officials, CBP established a ticketing system that scheduled appointments for migrants to be processed. As of November, the most recent data available from CBP, arrivals hadn’t reached the levels of the wave of arriving Haitians.

In October 2016, more than 6,000 people came to San Diego’s ports of entry asking to come in despite not having documents permitting entry to the U.S. That number included asylum seekers — CBP does not distinguish between those seeking asylum and other “inadmissibles” in its data collection. (In addition to asylum seekers, inadmissibles are those looking for better economic opportunities or anyone else who has asked to enter the U.S. at a port without the proper documents.)

In November 2017, the number of people deemed inadmissible was 2,824, more than double the low of 1,313 reached in March of this year.


Under current policy, asylum seekers are detained by ICE until they get results from credible fear interviews, which determine the likelihood that they will win their cases in immigration court.


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