This is Obama’s legacy, a divided culture of hate-filled thugs who justify race-based hate and believe violence against innocent people is acceptable

A group of people beat a man in a Brooklyn restaurant after he offered to help pay for their food, police said.
Surveillance video captured the brutal beating inside Texas Chicken and Burgers in Prospect Park South earlier this month. Police released the video in the hopes of catching the four suspects.

After the 37-year-old victim offered to help pay for two of the suspects’ meals, they began yelling at him and then started punching him and beating him with his own cane, police said.
While the man tried to protect himself from the violent blows, two other suspects charged into the restaurant and also began beating the man, kicking him in his head and body, according to police.

While the victim was lying on the ground, another man came in and appeared to steal from the man’s pockets, police said.
Source: Group Breaks Man’s Bones After He Offers to Help Pay for Their Food. – NBC New York

Ironically, after eight long years with a mixed-race president who could have done so much to bring races closer together, America is watching everything the great Martin Luther King, Jr. and those of every race who fought to integrate our society fall apart

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