“So Lady Antebellum changed their name, Aunt Jemima is gone, and garage door pull strings have been exposed. Did we meet all the mob’s demands yet?” – Burgess Owens

America’s politically correct culture has gone off the rails. Everyone is offended by everything these days so the ‘cancel culture’ has everyone running from criticism. The ‘word police’ have been out in force, and country music is not immune to being called out. Bowing to the mob is a must if you want to survive in this pc world, so two big bands who have been around for years have suddenly decided to drop their old-South connected names.

The Dixie Chicks just announced they’re dropping the “Dixie” in their name because they say they “want to meet the moment.” They’re now just known as “The Chicks”…Isn’t the word “chick” a sexist word for women? If they want to go there, then they should change their entire name, right?

The country trio is changing its name to the Chicks in acknowledgment of criticism over its use of the word “Dixie.” Apparently, the word “Dixie” is offensive to the word police because it’s considered a nostalgic nickname for the Civil War-era South.

Wait a minute…the story of how the band got their name has nothing to do with what the word police are saying: The band named themselves after Little Feat’s “Dixie Chicken,” a song about a doomed Southern romance.

LadyA and The Chicks (L – R)

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And yet another country band Lady Antebellum has changed its name because of the word “Antebellum” which is the Latin word for before war. The band claims they are now ‘woke’ and realize their error in using the word so they are now Lady A. The band spoke out to say they are now “opened wide to the injustices, inequality and biases black women and men have always faced and continue to face every day. Now, blind spots we didn’t even know existed have been revealed.”

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Antebellum is an adjective meaning ‘occurring or existing before a particular war.’ So now another word has been deemed ‘offensive’ by the word police so from here on out this word will not be used…or else.

Get ready for more terms like Dixie Cup and Dixie Sugar to be on the chopping block.



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