HAPPY SUPER TUESDAY! Here are the results so far, courtesy of Weasel Zippers. The win for Donald Trump may not be as YUGE as he had hoped, but he and Hillary come out of Super Tuesday as the clear winners of the Super Tuesday states.

super tuesday map

Here’s a link to the results. In some of the states you have to get at least 20% to get any delegates at all.

Here’s the estimated delegate count at this point by the NY Times:

delegate count

Rubio may end up winning Minnesota, he’s ahead by 10 points at this point.


Ted Cruz: January 20, 2017 will be Barack Obama’s final day in office. Our campaign is the only one that can beat, has beaten and will beat Donald Trump. I congratulate Donald Trump on his victories tonight. 15 states have voted and every one has been won by me or Donald Trump. For the candidates who have not won, I ask for you to come together and uniting. Head to head we beat Donald, so we must come together.

Ben Carson not dropping out. Fox still talking about maybe, maybe Rubio can get some delegates.

Trump: I don’t know if Hillary is going to be allowed to run, what she did was a criminal act. I am a unifier, when we unify there is no one who is going to beat us.

Trump seems to be taking a conciliatory attitude toward Ted Cruz, not so Rubio.

trump cruz

Trump sounding presidential, saying will win in November, that many polls say he would win. However, most polls actually show he would lose to Hillary, except for one poll, the USA Today poll.

Trump congratulates Cruz on winning Texas, and says Rubio did badly.

Trump press conference about to start. Word is it’s endorsement of Gov. Rick Scott of Florida. That might have some effect in the race there on the 15th.
Guess not:

gov scott

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