Is anyone else just boycotting the game today? Don’t you want to?

I grew up going to Falcons games and can vividly remember my first trip to watch in person…a long, long time ago!
Football is a big deal to so many people on Super Bowl Sunday! It’s an even bigger deal if your team is playing in the game! It used to be such a blast to watch the NFL on Sunday with your family. A day free of controversy and just sports…

Wow! Flash forward and we’re covered up in controversy with Colin Kaepernick kneeling during the National Anthem and a USA Today sports writer calling for Tom Brady to denounce President Trump…It’s just too much drama and it’s taking away from the game that should be a chance to simply watch great athletes play football.

Today’s Super Bowl 51 will be a political spectacle with Lady Gaga and Budweiser throwing out propaganda like popcorn. If you haven’t seen the Budweiser commercial…it’s pure propaganda to make Americans feel shameful for wanting to know who’s coming into our country. There is NO COMPARISON to what’s happening right now with refugees and illegals…NONE!

Lady Gaga spoke to the press and decided to go political:

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