Sandra Ferguson is truly and every day hero! It really took a lot of courage for this young woman to think and act so quickly. 

A hero elementary school worker has saved an 11-year-old girl from a suspected kidnapping attempt after spotting her inside a car with a man she did not recognize.

Sandra Ferguson was heading to work at Sutter Elementary in Antioch, California, on Friday when she saw the terrified pupil in the front seat of a middle-aged man’s car.

teachers aide

Instinctively Ms Ferguson knew something was wrong and quickly swung her car in front of the man’s vehicle, blocking him in.

Ms Ferguson ran over to the car and could immediately tell something was wrong, she told ABC 7.


She said: ‘I said, “Sweetheart, is that your dad?” She said, “No he’s a friend.” I said, “No, he’s not your friend!” I told her, “You get out of that truck right now!”

It was kind of like a superwoman power thing. I can’t believe I did that.’
The teaching assistant got the schoolgirl out of the car and called police, who arrested Santiago Salazar, 51, on suspicion of kidnapping.

Via: Daily Mail

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