Mike Lindell of MyPillow.com is trending again today — because Leftists want him canceled.
Mike is working to uncover election irregularities and improbabilities in the November 2020 election. He’s investigating and documenting the fraud that took place.
For that, Leftists have targeted the retail chains that sold MyPillow.com products. Kohls, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Kroger, Wayfair, Costco, and several others removed his products. Because of the big box store boycotts, Mike claims he’s lost over $68 millions in sales.
It’s up to Americans who believe in Mike Lindell’s right as a private citizen to investigate the results of our elections to support him by purchasing his products DIRECTLY at MyPillow.com
My Pillow is currently offering their LOWEST PRICE EVER on their Premium pillows!

Here’s a great deal that could be gone soon – Mike Lindell has dropped the price on premium pillows from $69.98 to $29.98 when you use promo code FEDUP

We all know Mike Lindell has been working tirelessly to expose the fraud of the 2020 election.

This is your chance to support Mike and 100 Percent Fed Up! – and get a great deal, too!

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Mike also put his amazing towels on sale for a limited time.

A six-piece towel set was $109.99 – now it’s only $44.98 when you use promo code FEDUP.

Save on MyPillow products. Use promo code FedUp at checkout and save 40% off the MyPillow Complete Mattress Sleep System.

People are raving about Mike’s towels:

“These towels are FANTASTIC! What a pleasure to get out of the shower and finally be able to dry myself off! I love them!”

“A must-have towel. They are absolutely the best towels we’ve ever purchased. Highly recommend them.”

“Amazingly soft and absorbent. Love them!”

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When you get to checkout, look for this box:

Enter Fed Up” and click “apply.”

You can also call 1-800-544-8939 to order, just remember to tell them to apply the “Fed Up” code to get Up to 66% Off!

You’ll get your discount and support Mike Lindell and 100 Percent Fed Up!

Hurry – we don’t know how long this sale will last.

Thank you!

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