The Obama administration has pulled a fast one and renamed these illegals adieus “refugees”. This is huge! It changes how they are treated and how the money is distributed. Catholic Charities get millions every year and they get more money for every refugee they bring in. RUSTY has the best comment ever on this:

“Catholic Charities” -Aiding and abetting a federal crime. They are collecting millions in government handouts. When illegals are at the border, why the hell aren’t they sent back rather than “find family members in the USA to buy them bus tickets”???

To me the ONLY issue for 2016 is illegal immigration. The policies set in motion will guarantee a progressive liberal socialist majority forever. The country will not recover in many, many generations, if ever.

Catholic charities said federal authorities released the illegal crossers without any travel documents.

“We’ve seen almost a doubling of our numbers, I would say, in the last 3-4 weeks,” said Sacred Heart Church Volunteer Coordinator Deb Boyce.


Last summer, Deb Boyce came to Sacred Heart on a mission trip from Ohio. A sister from the church asked her to stay.

“There are only a couple of paid employees here at the respite center, so we rely almost exclusively on volunteers,” Boyce said.

Boyce’s background is in public relations, fundraising, development and philanthropy. The crisis on the border sparked new responsibilities for her.

“There are a number of *refugees that are being released now without bus tickets in hand, so when they come to the center, you know, we have to make arrangements for them,”

Volunteers are helping the crossers contact their family members in the U.S., so they can purchase bus tickets.

Boyce said that 65 people slept at the church overnight. The relief center is not equipped for overnight stays. The city sent staff to make more room.

“We will run out of something, and we’re like, ‘Oh my! What are we going to do?’” Boyce said. “And it almost seems like, within the hour, or two, the door opens up and the things we need suddenly appear.”

Volunteers at the respite center are filling the gaps left by the federal government and finding comfort in faith.

The center is seeing upwards of 140 people a day, that’s double the numbers from a month ago.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement is responsible for the release of the illegal crossers in McAllen. CHANNEL 5 NEWS requested information as to why some people were dropped off without travel documents.

Statement from ICE Spokesperson Adelina Pruneda:

“ICE routinely coordinates release plans and travel arrangements with family members of people being released from custody in the Rio Grande Valley. There were recent instances where, while ICE contacted family members, confirmation of ticketed travel was not received. ICE is now again ensuring ticketed travel confirmation is received before releasing individuals from custody.”

The cost of setting up and maintaining the second tent at Sacred Heart was just tacked onto McAllen’s running tab.

The city has spent more than $330,000 on the crisis on the border. All of that money was spent over the last year.

McAllen is still waiting to be paid back by either the federal or state government. Lawmakers said the federal government will pick up the tab. There is no action yet.

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