COVID tyrants will attempt to restore destructive, ineffective mandates that violate your inalienable rights.

It’s up to ‘We the People’ not to cooperate with despotic individuals, agencies, and governments attempting to intimidate us into compliance.

Infowars’ Alex Jones warned Americans the Biden regime will attempt to reimpose COVID restrictions and lockdowns this fall and winter.

COVID Lockdowns & Restrictions Coming Back?

Jones said he spoke with two federal agents who said they were told to expect the gradual return of COVID-19 restrictions.

Masks allegedly will return in mid-September with the masking of TSA employees.

“Masks will reportedly return for travelers in October, and full COVID restrictions and lockdowns will return by December due to a new ‘dangerous variant’ from Canada,” WLTReport stated.

Per WLTReport:

Jones said he met with a high-level TSA manager who cited a Tuesday meeting, where the agency’s managers learned of new memorandums and policies to reinstitute masking.

The TSA whistleblower allegedly alerted Infowars and said ‘you gotta warn people.’

“We’ve been told this is going to happen,” Jones said the whistleblower told him.

After meeting with the TSA whistleblower, Jones said he contacted one of his federal connections at Border Patrol, who confirmed the whistleblower’s warning.

“Expect COVID protocols to begin rolling out middle of September and I said ‘what else were you told’” Jones said.

“Basically that they believe this new variant is super bad and that they’re doing the testing and they should just get ready for a whole new rollout of what happened before,” Jones said.

“That’s two federal agents that told me this,” Jones commented.


Unfortunately, we’ve seen the return of COVID restrictions and shut downs at schools and hospitals around the country.


An Atlanta-based black liberal arts college will reinstitute mask mandates and social distancing measures on campus.

Morris Brown College reintroduced the requirements for staff and students days after the start of classes.

College Reinstates COVID-19 Measures

School districts in Texas and Kentucky ‘closed temporarily‘ due to rising COVID-19 cases.

School Districts “Closing Temporarily” Due to Rising COVID-19 Cases

However, not all public officials are on board with this insanity.

Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo said to refuse participation with policies known to cause harm.

“What do you call re-imposing mask policies that have been proven ineffective or restarting lockdowns that are known to cause harm? You don’t call it sanity. These terrible policies only work with your cooperation. How about refusing to participate,” Ladapo said.

Ladapo also called pushing the experimental COVID-19 shots on children ‘insane.’

Florida’s Voice reports:

Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo went on The Charlie Kirk Show to give his thoughts on claims that children should get the COVID-19 vaccination on Thursday.

During an Aug. 14 TV broadcast on CBS Mornings, CBS Medical Contributor Dr. Celine Gounder said “kids and infants really need to get their first round [of the COVID-19 vaccine].”

Media outlets have been reporting a rise in hospitalizations and cases of COVID-19. Some businesses and schools across the U.S. have opted for a mask mandate.

Founder of Turning Point USA and podcast host Charlie Kirk asked Ladapo his response to the controversial clip.

“Kids and infants, Doctor, your response?” Kirk asked Ladapo.

“It’s like three shots of loco. That makes no sense,” Ladapo said.

“I mean, how is someone who at this point has contracted COVID, going to benefit from a new vaccine that is not even proven to help? It’s just insane, I mean it’s totally crazy,” he said.

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