The Surgeon General is warning Americans to stay home. He appeared on CBS This Morning to give an update on current policies and precautions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus:

“Unfortunately, we’re seeing New York is approaching Italy. Why? Because the numbers that you see of cases reflect what happened two weeks ago. Too many people are waiting too long to really take these 15 days to stop the spread initiative seriously.”

“We know it’s going to be a while before life gets back to normal. Here’s what I want America to know: we don’t want to wait for 15 days… we don’t have a day to waste. We have to focus on today, this hour, right now.”

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Mayor de Blasio is taking extreme measures to keep New Yorkers from gathering in groups. He didn’t take the measures soon enough:

The coronavirus numbers have exploded in the city because the mayor and the people have been ignoring the social distancing policy.

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