This is so sad and such a lesson for the world…Venezuela is tumbling into chaos and violence because of the collapse of their socialist government. Riots and tear gas are daily occurrences now…

A lone young man was filmed playing the violin right in the middle of a riot where tear gas was being thrown in the foreground. This is the definition of surreal…

The sound of a sole violin pierces the air. A young man, wearing a helmet painted with his country’s flag, braces the instrument under his chin and confidently draws a bow over its strings…

Our reports on Venezuela are heartbreaking:
How bad is it in Venezuela? People are eating one meal a day and the government is doing its best to cover up the humanitarian crisis. We know about the toilet paper shortage but a food shortage is horrific. The lines for pretty much everything have been very long. There’s a shortage of everything. The bottom line is that SOCIALISM SUCKS!

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