Andrew Warren, suspended Soros-backed Florida prosecutor, used state resources including state-owned phones for campaigning purposes

When Florida Governor Ron DeSantis suspended woke, Soros-backed State Attorney Andrew Warren two weeks ago for the latter’s refusal to uphold the law, Warren’s state-owned phones were transferred to the new prosecutor’s team. This revealed that he had been using these phones and other state resources to campaign with Democrat operatives–a highly unethical misuse.

Suspended Hillsborough County State Attorney Andrew warren

The team for his replacement, Suzy Lopez, has been receiving electronic communications through these phones meant for Warren and his staff. Communications from Florida Democrat operatives about their campaigning for Warren and against Governor DeSantis.

An email communication from a Florida Democrat operative to suspended State Attorney Andrew Warren

In the above email, a Democrat operative reaches out to Warren about his briefing and their plans for attacking Governor DeSantis, asking him to launch an anti-DeSantis campaign tour with them.

A text message to Andrew Warren’s staff from another Democrat operative, following up on the previous email

In the above text message, another operative attempts to contact Warren’s staff to followup about the previous email.

This is clear evidence that Warren was misusing state resources to campaign with other Democrats.

This is unethical to say the very least.

However, Andrew Warren is not one to let ethics get in the way of politics.

The Soros-backed attorney refused to prosecute for certain crimes, such as violation of Florida’s 15-week abortion ban (which is a lax abortion ban by global and western standards,) and generally refused to cooperate with law enforcement.

Warren also previously promised to expunge arrest records, then never actually got about to doing it, leaving many who would have been affected in the dark about the status of their arrest records.

Warren, while perhaps not as influential as Philadelphia’s Larry Krasner or LA’s George Gascon, still spread corruption and lawlessness from his office, rather than upholding and maintaining law and order as a prosecutor is expected to do.

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