Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) has received a “suspicious letter” at her home in Bangor, Maine, and the situation is being investigated by the local authorities and a local hazmat team has arrived to assist in the investigation and safety of those in the area.

The spokesman of the Bangor Police Department told Fox News that investigators were prompted to respond to “a residence on West Broadway to investigate a suspicious letter” around 1:39 this afternoon.

“We are currently on the scene. The investigation is ongoing,” a Bangor Police Department spokesman told Fox News. “The Criminal Investigation Division is working in conjunction with the Bangor Fire Department and local hazmat team from Orono, Maine.”

The FBI has been notified while the local Bangor Police Department work on the situation.

The spokesman from the police department also said that “There is no information to suggest the public at large is in any danger at all at this time.”

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Collins’ spokesperson said she was on her way home and that her husband was at the house.

It’s currently believed that this might be a result of Collins supporting Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation into the Supreme Court, but no further information has been released. It was also not released as to what prompted the call to investigate the suspicious letter.

“Police investigating possible threat against Senator Susan Collins via @FoxABCMaine”

“NEW – Bangor Police Dept, Fire Dept, local hazmat team is investigating a supicious [sic] letter at the home of @SenatorCollins in Maine. FBI is aware. Bangor PD is leading the investigation. Criminal Investigation Division is on the scene. Investigation is ongoing.”

“#DEVELOPING: Special Operations Team outside ⁦@SenatorCollins⁩ house in Bangor, as investigation into suspicious letter continues. Update at 5:30, on ⁦@WGME⁩”

“Emergency crews leaving Sen. Collin’s house in Bangor, but investigation into suspicious letter continues.”

Senator Angus King, an Independent, responded on Twitter with an encouraging message and reminder that this type of behavior towards anyone is unacceptable.

“This is not who we are – as a state or as a nation. Regardless of any political differences, @SenatorCollins, her family, and her staff should not have to be subjected to these threats – there’s just no place for it in our discourse. ”

Collins was criticized by Democrats for her support on Kavanaugh, even though she’s a woman and he was accused of sexual assault. She decided for herself on how to support Kavanaugh, and even stated that the confirmation began to look like a “caricature of a gutter-level political campaign.” She also said that Kavanaugh’s confirmation was distorted by outside groups and “over-the-top rhetoric.”

Collins voted YES to confirm now Justice Kavanaugh.

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